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Télécharger Antivirus Avira Gratuit 2014

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Free Antivirus Protection For Windows 8 and Windows 7
There are dozens of different programs out there that boast free antivirus protection. Avast, Avira, AVG, McAfee, and many, many others. Each of these programs comes with different benefits and different features, offered a wide variety of virus …
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Question by (-;: How do I use Avira Antivirus to scan my BitComet files automatically?
Inside the configuration of BitComet, it gives you the option of scanning your files for viruses automatically. But I don’t know how to do that. I even searched the internet and found no helpful articles so I decided to come here.

How do I configure BitComent to use Avira to scan my files automatically upon a successful download?

Thanks for helping me ;-)

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium, BitComet 0.99, and Avira Antivirus Personal Edition Classic.

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Answer by deezenutzny
A Good Anti Virus Should Scan Automatically Any Files That Are Active And Open.

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  • Sven Verhaeghe 3 months ago

    merci c’est super rapide et super EFFICASSE!!!

  • Patrick W 3 months ago

    Avira should automatically detect the viruses when they are activated (clicked on) or you can choose to right click and scan your download folder (my recommedation) Today you are in just as much danger from Spyware I Recommend SuperAntiSpyware ( I used this to remove spyware and Trojans from a laptop that adaware would only detect but not get rid of, SuperAntiSpyware removed it all and more )

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